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113 is a small Thai publishing house established in 2000, publishing solely Win Lyovarin's works.

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About Win Lyovarin

Win Lyovarin is a Thai writer and a two-time winner of the Southeast Asian Writers Award and a National Artist in literature.

Born March 23, 1956 in Haad Yai district, Songkhla province, south of Thailand, his father was a Chinese immigrant who earned a living as a shoemaker.

Since his young days Win loved to read and finished all novels in the one and only public library in town.  He also enjoyed drawing and showed his artistic talent, winning some art awards during his school days.  He would have followed his father's footsteps to be a shoemaker had he not moved to Bangkok and pursued his study in architecture.  During those years he wrote some graphic novels to fulfil his interest in art and fiction, and to earn extra income.

After graduating in architecture from Chulalongkorn University in 1980, he spent four years in Singapore as an architect.  He subsequently moved to New York to gain further experience in architecture, and to pursue his study in other fields - graphic design and filmmaking.

Upon returning to Thailand in 1986 he switched his career to advertising.  He started as an art director-copywriter, and later worked his way up to be a creative director.

While working in advertising, he began to explore alternative ways of writing short stories.  He did a lot of experimental writing, such as combining graphic designs and other forms of visual art into conventional writing.  Since then he has been well known for experimental writing and became one of Thailand's avantgarde writers.  He won several literature awards e.g. Chorkaraked Award, Thailand National Book Development Award by the Ministry of Education, PEN Thailand Award, and the Southeast Asian Writers Award.

His notable works are Arpate Kamsual (1994), an experimental collection of short stories; Democracy, Shaken & Stirred (1997), a novel portraying Thailand's political history during 1932-1992; A Living Thing Called Human (1999), an experimental collection of short stories.  The latter two won him the Southeast Asian Writers Awards.

He was awarded the Silpathorn Award for Literature in 2006 by the Thailand Ministry of Culture Office of Contemporary Art and Culture to contemporary artists in the fields of literature, music, filmmaking, visual arts and performing arts.

Some of his works have been translated into several languages, and are used as required reading in some universities.

He has retired from advertising to write full time since 2003.

(At present some of his books are translated into English : Democracy, Shaken & Stirred, A Day in a Life, Man Doomed and Man Alive)